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Coaching requires a sound methodology to guide and direct how you work with your clients. This is particularly the case for coaching senior executives. Simple, formulaic approaches are not good enough.

Apart from your business knowledge and experience, you need a methodology that is a solid foundation for:

  • facilitating goals and outcomes
  • working with beliefs and value systems
  • discovering unconsciously driven habits and facilitating change in them
  • establishing peak performance patterns of behaviour
  • evolving identity
  • facilitating communication for effective management and leadership practices

We have found that reputable and deep training in Neurolinguistic Programming provides an ideal methodology for coaching. AELCC is offering an NLP Business Communications Certification training. The program is aligned to the criteria and standards of the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA).

Because of the breadth and depth of the curriculum, certification requires a minimum of 15 days comprising a minimum class time of 130 hours.

The program is being offered in a modular format. For our NLP certification component you will need to complete all modules. For general training and self development there is the option of taking one or two modules; however, the modules must be completed in order.

Certification content and assessment activities comprise the final module: this format accommodates those who might want the training but not the certification. Naturally, we encourage aiming for certification.